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The North Devon Coast


It’s time to Spring forward with The Ginger Peanut! The unseasonal weather has brought the daffodils and snowdrops out in abundance in and around Bampton; cyclists are out and about, walkers are donning their boots and taking to the moors and there is a general upbeat feeling as people enjoy the good weather. This time last year we were suffering The Beast from the East and all the chaos the snow brought to the Devon roads.

With half term behind us and Easter around the corner, what better time than to plan a trip to Devon to enjoy the first signs of the Spring to come.  Foals basking in the sun, lambs gambolling, trees breaking into bud, ancient oak forests, two dramatic coastlines, wild windswept beaches, family friendly pebbled coves, two National Parks and 5 official areas of outstanding natural beauty.  The Ginger Peanut is ideally placed as a base to access both north and south coasts and all that they have to offer.

A few interesting facts that you might not know about our beautiful county!

  1. The Devon flag was chosen in a BBC competition and the green, white and black represent the hills, the moor and the sea
  2. No matter what the Cornish tell you, pasties were invented in Devon!
  3. Some of the UK’s greatest monuments were created out of stone mined in Beer including Westminster Abbey, St Pauls Cathedral, The Tower of London and Exeter Cathedral
  4. Jack Russells come from Devon – The Reverend John Russell from Dartmouth is accredited with the breeding line
  5. Devon is home to the UK’s narrowest street – Parliament Street in Exeter which measures .64 at its narrowest!
  6. The last recorded execution of a witch took place in Exeter…

Contact us to book one of our eversocomfy rooms at The Ginger Peanut. We have 5 ensuite rooms and the Restaurant is open daily from 8am (except Mondays) offering delicious cooked breakfasts, continental breakfasts, fresh croissants, pastries, scones and cakes. Indeed, it has become a foodie destination for the most discerning visitor – lunches and dinners are a gastronomic delight and the well stocked bar has something for everyone.

Book a room  on the website and email the restaurant for restaurant bookings  food@gingerpeanut.co.uk