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Christmas Parties at The Ginger Peanut

Party season will soon be upon us and – love it or hate it – we need to embrace it! Shop windows are already starting to shimmer and sparkle with Christmas baubles and festive fair. It may be too early to contemplate a merry Christmas in October but if you are looking to book a party with friends or family now is the time to think about it. Family parties, parties with friends, office parties – we can cater for all.

Party at the Peanut – The Ginger Peanut in Bampton is the perfect party venue. Book a small office party or take over the whole restaurant. You can also book our luxury accommodation so guests can make the most of the festive cocktails and fine wines on offer over the Christmas season. Did you know we have a private dining room to seat 8-10 guests. This intimate space is ideal for that special occasion. So here’s an idea – book a party in the private dining room and book our luxury accommodation and make a real party of it!

So where did it all begin? Celebrations at the time of the Winter Solstice started in the Neolithic period when people would gather to worship the sun by lighting bonfires and would eat port and beef, cheese and drink barley beer or mead. Animals were often driven hundreds of miles before being slaughtered for the feast. Presents were exchanged including bronze daggers, gold necklaces and gold buttons. Songs would be sung and music played on bone flutes. The Romans enjoyed five days of feasting known as Saturnalia starting on 17th December in honour of Saturn, chief of the Roman Gods. Slaves would be served food by their masters, gambling was allowed and bright party clothes worn instead of the customary togas. Small gifts would be exchanged, poems recited and songs sung. Soldiers would enjoy treats such as figs, dates, snails and imported wine.

During Medieval times fasting took place until 24th December after which the twelve days of Christmas were celebrated until Twelfth Night when presents would be given. The first recorded Christ’s Mass or Christmas was in 1038. Houses were decorated with evergreens, rich food would be eaten and there was much drunken revelry interspersed with a bit of devotion! Tudor times saw Christmas celebrated in an even more decadent way and some of our carols were written by King Henry VIII.

Victorian Christmas Festivities

The Christmas we know today took shape in the Victorian period where it became family focussed largely due to Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. Albert introduced Christmas trees from Germany and Christmas tree decorations came too. Presents tended to be fairly modest. The Victorians also introduced crackers, turkey replaced goose, Christmas pudding and Christmas cards. Boxing Day then took its name from Christmas box tips given to the servants. And Santa Claus and his reindeers arrived from America in 1870s!

Today it has become more commercial and we are in danger of forgetting what the festive season is all about. Even if you aren’t religious it is a time to focus on the family and be grateful for the loved ones in our lives.

So don’t wait – book your party and show your appreciation for those in your life!
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