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Dalwood Sparkling Brut

The Ginger Peanut has always liked to support local businesses and suppliers wherever possible and now we are stocking a new white wine and sparkling brut – and they are produced just a stone’s throw away in the county of Devon

Dalwood Vineyard was conceived by 6 Dalwood villagers over a pint or two in the local pub and the first vines were planted in 2009 followed by three other varieties in 2010. Seyval Blanc, Solaris, Madeleine Angevin and Pinot Noir were chosen for their ability to deal with the unpredictable West Country climate and 2013 saw the first crop!

Dalwood Still White and Sparkling Brut are now both well established in the English wine market and indeed, the sparkling rivals other champagnes and sparklers in competition.

“Light and refreshing, the Dalwood Angevine Solaris 2017 blend teases with a lively green citrus crunch, before delicate floral and melon notes take hold.” Great British Wine

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